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How Virginia Replacement Windows Add Safety and Security to Your Home

Home is a place where you can rest peacefully, spend time with your loved ones and rejuvenate from the everyday stresses of life. Safety and security are two important factors to a comfortable home. Many home improvement projects are designed to add or improve these factors and Virginia replacement windows can make a significant impact in many different ways.

Avoiding Injuries From Breakage

Sliding patio doors and window inserts in your entrance and garage doors should be fitted with safety glass. If you have an older window installed in these crucial points of your home consider upgrading to newer models that utilize tempered glass or laminated glass to provide more protection.

Not only are these products more difficult to break in order to gain entry, they also present less of a danger to your family when a breakage happens accidentally. Tempered glass shatters into many small pieces instead of leaving large, extremely sharp edges and the risk of serious cuts and lacerations. Laminated glass is similar to a vehicle windshield and will remain in the frame, stuck fast together even when broken. Either of these two options makes for a wise choice when replacing windows on or in the entrance ways to your home.

Avoiding Falls From the Windows

Every year many serious and fatal injuries occur when children and pets fall through windows. This is a major risk when certain types of windows are installed in second and third storey rooms – casements, single and double hung windows can all present a danger when opened and accessible to kids.

There are certain guidelines set out by the National Safety Council that pertain to residential windows. Parents and guardians should never rely on screens to keep their young ones and pets inside the house – screens are meant to keep pests and bugs out of your home only. It’s a good idea to keep furniture and other climbable objects away from the windows, reducing the accessibility for curious little ones. Always keep the locks engaged on your windows when they are closed, as an extra safety measure for those attempting to break in and as an added barrier for children who may attempt to open them from the inside.

With weaker frames, single pane glass and fewer locking mechanisms, your existing windows may be presenting a serious danger if you have young children and pets in the house. Virginia replacement windows will not only improve the appearance and energy efficiency of your home, they will also increase the safety and security through a better design and stronger construction.

Increasing Strength to Resist Outside Forces

With intense storms raging throughout the country, the possibility of your older windows shattering from outside forces is increasing. Besides burglaries, weaker windows are also at risk of breakage from high winds, hail and heavy storms. But newer products such as impact resistant glass can substantially improve the security level of your home.

In certain cases building code requires that replacement windows in Virginia be designed with impact resistant glass. Although these windows may still break due to exterior forces, the glass will not shatter and cause harm to those sheltering inside your home. These products often use technology similar to laminated glass to provide this added protection for your family.

Worth the investment for a variety of reasons, Virginia replacement windows also improve the safety and security of your home making it a more peaceful place to live.

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