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How to Move Ahead With Virginia Window Replacement For Better Efficiency

The cooling season is still in full swing, but the heating season is only months away. It seems our wallets will never get a break. But you can consider Virginia window replacement for better efficiency and look forward to lower utility bills this year – and well into the future.

How Do New Windows Help With Your Heating and Cooling Bills?

Windows make up only 10 percent of your home. But that small, minor area is responsible for between 40 and 50 percent of the heat gained or lost throughout your living space. Replacing those aging, poorly designed windows with newer, built for efficiency windows is a wise move and will reduce that heat lost immensely.

Replacement windows reduce heat loss in a variety of ways. First of all, they are better insulated, which allows for a thicker barrier that is more difficult for heat to pass through. This works both ways – in the winter the heat will stay inside and in the summer the heat will stay outside. Both situations are positive for you.

A Virginia window replacement also means that the latest energy saving features will be put in place. Gases inserted between the double or triple glass panes act as added insulation. Typically argon or krypton is used. Ask the manufacturer about what type of gases have been inserted and what properties they bring to the product.

Coating Covers You

Low E (or low emissivity) coatings are also available in the latest replacement windows. This soft coat process is done at the end of the manufacturing cycle and is designed to keep the hot and potentially damaging rays of the sun out of your house.

This type of coating is not the same as traditional reflective coatings. They could be applied after installation and worked well against radiant heat or direct sunlight. Low E coatings take that protection to another level. You won’t notice the Low E coating and it will not wear off over time. It’s generally applied to the inside of the pane, which is exposed to the gap, not to the elements or scratches and damage from the inside.

What About Shutters?

Many homeowners wonder whether installing shutters on your home is a better way to improve the efficiency levels and maintain a higher level of safety against storm damage. While shutters are highly functional and will help to keep damaging winds and rain out, they do little for the efficiency levels in fair weather. Experts say you are better to have the latest windows installed in order to cut back on heat loss and then install shutters for safety, if that is a major concern.

It’s important that your Virginia window replacement project be handled by professional installers. Be sure that the window is well insulated and sealed all the way around, to maximize the value of this product and create an efficient home. It doesn’t help to have new windows installed poorly, so think carefully and weigh the value professional installation delivers. This may not be the ideal DIY home improvement project for you.

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