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How to Match Your Existing Space When Building Virginia Additions

Creating a seamless living space requires careful planning and an expert eye. Virginia additions should complement your existing home, not stick out like a sore thumb. But details like paint, flooring, exterior finishes and lighting present challenges to many homeowners looking to blend their new living area with existing space. Check out these tips and consider how you can make it all happen.

Tip # 1 – Keep Good Records

Did you keep the paint can from your last redecorating project? Do you have a record of the flooring brand and lot installed in your home? Can you find the receipt or packing list for light fixtures and other features currently illuminating your space? Although it may be too late to take advantage of this practice, remember to do so for the next renovation.

Check out your personal household records and see what you can find on the paint, flooring and fixtures. This information allows you to carefully match the same features in your home addition. Visit a local paint retailer to obtain a color match and talk to flooring and lighting stores about sourcing out similar products.

Tip # 2 – Go For Contrast

Sometimes matching the existing décor is nearly impossible. Why not aim for contrast instead? This provides a more realistic target and creates a fair amount of design freedom for your contractor.

You’ll still need to do some legwork and shop for complementary products, but eliminating the need to match opens your project up to various possibilities. Consider installing a lighter hardwood flooring in contrast to the dark stain on your existing space. Or opt for contrasting colors on the walls, while incorporating the existing wall tone into décor accessories and furniture.

Stick with the same theme or style for a cohesive feel, unless you’re aiming for an eclectic look.

Tip # 3 – Consider What’s Behind the Walls

Some Virginia additions place a major load on the existing electrical and plumbing systems. Ask your Virginia contractor to assess the current state and find out whether you’ll need to upgrade wiring, drains or any other mechanical element in your home.

This type of work eats into the home addition budget, but also creates a safe and comfortable living area for today and into the future. Find out about local building codes as well, and be sure your contractor schedules all relevant inspections and applies for permits. Overhauls and upgrades provide the wisest course of action when your new addition puts a strain on existing systems. Patches and mismatched systems only result in hassles.

Tip # 4 – Price Out Replacements

Assess the condition of your existing walls, flooring and lighting. Is it time to redecorate or update the look and finish of your home? Home addition projects offer an opportunity to spruce up the balance of your living space, as long as time and budget allow.

Talk to your contractor about pricing for replacements in the existing space. Consider DIY or stretching out the project. But remember that this investment in your home will create valuable returns for your lifestyle and property value.

Whether you opt to match, contrast or redecorate the existing living space features, Virginia additions transform your home in a good way.

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