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How to Find Qualified and Affordable Northern Virginia Siding Installers

Homeowners value the services of home improvement contractors that are qualified. But more often than not, the overall cost of these services is what carries the most influence. When it comes to Northern Virginia siding projects, finding an installer with the experience, skills and competitive price is most important. How can you find these companies?

Experience Matters

There are many steps involved with siding installation. On new builds the process is fairly simple, but a replacement or repair project may be a different story. The very best Northern Virginia siding installers also have experience in the removal of worn or damaged siding.

This job involves a certain type of demolition, but qualified contractors will know how to remove the old siding without damaging the structure or framing underneath. They should also be knowledgeable enough to judge the condition of that structural layer. In certain circumstances a replacement siding job will require the framing or insulation to be upgraded before the new siding is installed.

Choosing the Optimum Material

An experienced siding contractor will also be able to recommend which types of siding materials are best suited for your home. This is often based on the climate and exposure of your home, but the design and size of your home (as well as the budget) are factors in this decision as well.

Ask an established contractor for recommendations on the best type and brand of siding. Working with a variety of brands and styles will have given these professionals in-depth insight that is valuable for your situation. Utilize it however possible.

Don’t Be the Testing Ground

Hiring a freshly established contractor with a low hourly rate may be tempting, but often your home will end up suffering. New companies often have a lot to learn about the industry and you don’t want your home to be the testing ground.

That being said, it is often the experience of the individual installers that matters more than the length of time the company has been open. If the firm hires new staff every year it offers the same risk of amateur errors and botched jobs. Look for a contractor with an established reputation and experienced, career installers. This combination offers you the safest, more professional job.

Where to Look

You can start your search with directories and online listings, but it is the word of mouth referrals that often carry the most weight. If you are new in town, those referrals may come from building associations and real estate professionals. Otherwise it is wise to ask your local friends, family members and neighbors which companies they have had a good experience with. Don’t forget to note the contractors to stay away from.

Get more than one quotation and compare the quality of service, warranties and costs before making your choice. Remember to ask for a list of current references and visit the jobsites. Getting a close look at the work of each contractor will reveal clues as to how thorough and meticulous their installers are.

If the overall cost is more than you expected, consider this – a Northern Virginia siding project is a long term investment, adding protection and beauty to your home for years to come. When you measure the cost over the life of the project it may help you to gain a better perspective.

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