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How to Design Functional Garages with Northern Virginia Additions

A single-family dwelling holds its value in the marketplace and provides a comfortable home for your family. But your property will be more functional and valuable with a garage, and well-designed Northern Virginia additions help you to create this important space. Check out these design and construction tips to ensure your garage addition works well for your family.

The Mechanics of a Garage

Garages play a unique role on any property, and must be designed to suit that role. A professional home addition contractor handles all special considerations and safety factors must be handled in the design stage.

Certain building materials must be used in the construction process, mainly due to the items typically stored in a garage, including vehicles and lawn equipment. Self-closing doors and a gas-tight wall and ceiling help to contain odors and dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Insulation also helps to keep the balance of your home warm and quiet.

Many garage Northern Virginia additions are built on a concrete slab, which provides a stable and functional surface. Be sure the slab slopes away from your house for drainage purposes, and grade around the garage addition to help maintain that concrete over the long-term.

Questions to Ask During the Planning Stage

Unlike a standard home addition that includes living space, garage additions can be designed to different standards. The size and use of this space determines whether to include heat, and dictates the location of lighting and electrical outlets. Talk to your contractor and answer the following questions to get a better grip on optimum design:

  • Do you want a Detached or Attached Garage? – One of the most important questions, this depends on your preferences and the available land on your property. Find out about local bylaws regarding setbacks and driveway access before deciding one way or the other.
  • What Size of Garage would you like? – Property limitations may have an effect on the size, but the choice between single garage, double garage or car-and-a-half should be addressed from the beginning. Think about height as well, and account for higher garage ceilings and doors if larger trucks and recreational equipment will be stored in this space.
  • What will you Store in the Garage? – Many homes include a workshop in the garage, complete with tool storage, while others use this space for overflow storage of household items, sporting equipment and gardening tools. Think about what you will keep in the garage and include storage solutions that work. Cabinets, workbenches, overhead shelving and other options will keep this area neat and tidy long after the home addition contractor finishes up.

Once you have answered these questions, you’ll need to decide on the exterior finish and roofing. Match the existing materials or choose a complementary style—neutral vinyl siding matches most types of exterior finish. On attached garage additions, roofing must blend into the existing structure. In some cases a large-scale roof replacement is required.

Designing functional garages with Northern Virginia additions takes careful consideration. Plan well and hire an experienced contractor to be sure this addition adds value to your property. Your family will enjoy the convenience of a new garage, and appreciate the benefits on a daily basis.

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