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76 bathroom remodeling project details

How to Cover Every Detail in Your Virginia Bathroom Remodeling Project

Every Virginia bathroom remodeling project involves various aspects. From toilets and sinks, to lighting, flooring and wall treatments, your bathroom design contains countless features to ponder and choose. How will you cover the windows, create storage, heat the room? All of these details need to be considered in your bathroom design, ensuring a comfortable and attractive finished product.

Working From the Ground Up

Start at the bottom of the room and work up when designing. This allows you to capture every detail, in detail. Typical flooring choices include tiling, vinyl or high end engineered hardwood. Consider other types of eco friendly flooring, like cork or natural stone. Be sure the underlayment is waterproof and provides some warmth.

Radiant under-floor heating is gaining popularity in bathroom renovations. Stepping out of the bath or shower onto a heated floor makes life more relaxing, but this upgrade takes careful planning and a decent budget. Be sure you will appreciate this feature before investing in it, and always hire an experienced contractor to handle the installation.

Major Fixtures and Features

Spend some time browsing your local plumbing supply store for ideas and inspiration on fixtures. You would be surprised what manufacturers come up with, and modern designs have changed the look of toilets, sinks and bathtubs. Whether you prefer a traditional look or want a contemporary feel, shop around until you’ve found exactly what will suit your home.

Imagine how those fixtures will look with other major features in the bathroom. Vanities often take center stage, especially in a master ensuite, and storage of any kind should with the style of your new bathroom fixtures. Consider the ideal cabinetry color and texture, as well as door style and hardware. These tiny details give you a chance to dress up the bathroom – think about jeweled handles and draw pulls for a feminine touch or sleek chrome hardware for that modern appeal.

Faucets, Mirrors and Lighting

Faucets and taps provide more opportunities to make a statement. Look online and ask for catalogs at your local plumbing supply store. Most often the most striking taps and faucets are special order and cannot be found on the shelves. Save a few dollars on another area of your Virginia bathroom remodeling project and splurge on a gorgeous bathroom faucet. The range of designs is nearly overwhelming, but with patience and time you’re sure to find the ideal product.

Add sparkle to the walls with wonderfully shaped mirrors in well suited frames. Large mirrors can make a small space expand, while heavily framed mirrors can anchor the design of a large bathroom and draw attention to the finer details you’ve worked hard to include.

Light fixtures also do double duty – providing illumination while adding a special twinkle to the room. Mix and match bright task lighting with muted mood lighting to allow for a flexible atmosphere. Always remember to choose light fixtures that can take moisture (avoid paper shades near the shower or sink) and stick with the theme of your reno for consistency and flow.

Window Treatments and Wall Coverings

The final set of details in your bathroom remodeling involves windows and walls. Install window coverings that allow for privacy without blocking natural light, or put up privacy glass windows and hang drapes or blinds purely for ascetics.

If wallpaper is in the plan be sure to invest in a heavy brand that will withstand condensation. Purchase top quality paint as well, and give the walls plenty of coats to ensure a durable, easy to clean finish. The color scheme depends on your preference, but don’t be afraid to splash in some bold hues or stick with stark white. Bathrooms provide a place to experiment with paint.

Talk to your contractor about covering all of the details in your Virginia bathroom remodeling project. Small things chosen with care come together to make a gorgeous, comfortable and well designed room that will add value to your living space.

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