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How to Choose the Best Colors for Virginia Siding

Curb appeal is an important factor for every home. Elements such as landscaping and architectural design combine to create an attractive face for your house. But many would agree that the color of your Virginia siding is the most important factor in curb appeal. Are there any foolproof methods of choosing the best siding color for your home?

Color Selection

There are a few different aspects that will affect the colors available for your project:

  • What Type of Siding Are You Installing? – Each siding type has a certain range of colors available. Wood and fiber cement siding tend to come in natural tones, although these types can also be painted in bright or bold colors. Vinyl siding is available in a wider range of custom colors, but cannot be painted.
  • What Siding Manufacturer Will You Choose? – Not only do the different types of siding come in a variety of colors, but the various manufacturers offer unique choices as well. You will find many popular colors available from most of the major brands, but each tone may be slightly different and certain companies have unique offerings.

The Importance of Color Schemes

There will be one main color that forms the foundation of your Virginia siding. This tends to be a neutral color that is not too overpowering and suits the architecture of your home. Be sure to choose the main color wisely – a bold hue will draw attention away from the details and shape of your home’s architecture. Strive for a balance between an attractive color and a suitable foundation to showcase the beauty of your home.

The overall color scheme of your neighborhood should also be taken into account. If most of the homes around you have natural hues and earth tones, try to steer clear of bright primary colors. You certainly want your home to stand out, but not so much that it is considered the sore thumb on your block.

Consider how the color scheme meshes with the style of your home as well. Southwest ranch styles look best with earthy colors in the brown and tan range, while colonial homes can pull off pastels with ease. If your home is not a distinct style you may have more flexibility, but otherwise it is best for the siding color to pay homage to the design.

Choosing the Trim

Trim work and detailing can make all the difference to the appearance of your home. Choose the color and style of trim that will compliment the main siding color. Often a tone-on-tone color scheme looks stylish and can draw more attention to the shapes and slopes of the house. Contrasting trim colors make a bold statement and often look better on a larger home with fairly plain styling.

Don’t forget that the color of your shutters and doors needs to match well with the color scheme woven by the siding and trim. Be mindful of how everything looks together and be sure to consider samples at different times of day. That brown siding color you love may look much darker in the twilight or much lighter in the morning. Keep the samples out for a few days before making your final choice.

The color of your Virginia siding will help to create the overall appearance and curb appeal of your property. Consider all of your options and make wise decisions. After all, the face of your home will have a major effect on the value.

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