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How to Build a Greener Home With Your Virginia Contractor

Going green is on everyone’s mind these days. There is a push to recycle more, waste less and generally take better care of the planet. Whether you are building a new home or planning a renovation, your Virginia contractor can help you design and build a greener home. Move forward into a cleaner future with green building materials and construction techniques.

Contractors Offer Expert Advice

General contractors are experts in their field. Because they deal with subtrades, material suppliers and manufacturers, these professionals have an insider’s view on industry evolutions. As the green building industry expands and new products and technologies are offered your Virginia general contractors will have premiere access.

They can also help you to decide which green projects will work in your home. In some cases, a certain type of recycled material or construction technique will not be advantageous on your property. It could be that exposure or climate conditions will wear down materials quickly. Or possibly the size of your home will push the cost of a certain project element out of reach. You can trust a professional contractor, relying on their extensive experience and industry knowledge.

Elements of a Green Home

When working from the ground up, homeowners and house designers have many more options for green building. Consider advanced wall framing techniques (this style of framing cuts down on the amount of wood used, as well as reducing heat loss with comparable amounts of insulation used), high efficiency lighting and the latest window and door designs.

Interior finishing materials can also be green. Products made from renewable resources like bamboo, cork and other wood species are considered excellent choices that deliver minimal environmental impact. Think about the paint and wall treatments used, and try to reduce the amount of toxins and VOCs used. Recycled materials are popular in the kitchen and bath. And high efficiency heating and cooling systems will also help to create a greener home.

Professional Installation

Choose a Virginia contractor with a solid reputation and you can look forward to professional installation. Your new energy efficient windows will be handled with care, bamboo flooring and recycled glass counters will fit perfectly and lighting and solar panel systems will be wired well.

If your project includes an element that the contractor does not normally handle – such as solar panels – they should have connections within the industry. You can expect a reliable recommendation, at the very least.

A Warranty to Count On

One of the best things about hiring a reputable contractor for your green home renovation is the warranty. Smaller firms or handyman services do not often offer comparable coverage, and an investment of this size should come with the security a warranty delivers.

There is often separate warranty coverage for the materials and installation. Your contractor may cover the labor and installation for a certain period of time, while the materials will be covered by the retailer or the manufacturer. Be sure to obtain all of the details before the project is completed, including any paperwork or registration information you will need. Be aware that manufacturers of some products (windows, doors, lighting , etc.) will keep your personal information on file in order to validate the warranty.

Talk about how to build a greener home with your Virginia contractor. They will offer informed suggestions and help you to design a home that is truly environmentally friendly.

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