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How to Budget for a Bathroom Remodel Virginia Homeowners Want

Bathroom renovations improve the value of your Virginia home, but costs vary depending on the design and scope of the project. Understanding how to budget for a bathroom remodel Virginia homeowners want will help you make an affordable plan for your project – whether you’re adding a powder room on the main floor or expanding the master ensuite.

Typical Costs of Bathroom Renovations

The steps of a bathroom remodel Virginia homeowners typically need to plan for include:

  • demolition and removal of existing bathroom
  • install plumbing and electrical
  • preparation of structural components, such as installing water resistant drywall on the walls and ceiling, adding support to the floors and leveling the subfloor
  • finishing and painting of the walls and ceiling
  • installation of bathroom fixtures, such as the shower enclosure, bathtub, toilet, vanity and sink
  • installation of flooring (may happen before some bathroom fixtures go in)
  • hanging accessories, such as mirror, towel holders, shower curtains, window treatments, etc

Each of these stages incur additional costs. Some require the skills of a professional bathroom contractor or licensed plumbers and electricians, while others can be tackled as a DIY project.

Many homeowners consider removing the existing bathroom before bringing in the contractor. As long as you understand that removal costs will apply, and damage that occurs during the removal stage adds to the costs later on, this route may shave some dollars off of the final budget.

Paying for the Pros

Maybe you’re considering installing the entire room. Comparing the costs of a professional contractor with the cost of materials from a local building supplies store convinces some homeowners that DIY is the only way. But stop and consider the value an experienced professional delivers.

A DIY bathroom remodeling project will take up most of your free time; you may even need to book time off work, using valuable vacation hours. Hiring a professional to handle the work allows you to make better use of your own time, and speeds up the entire process. While contractors can complete a typical bathroom renovation in a week or so, DIY enthusiasts may take a month or more to get the job done.

The professionals will also be sure to install plumbing and electrical properly, following local building codes and providing a safe, reliable system. Faulty electrical wiring causes fires and dangerous conditions in the bathroom, while improperly designed and incorrectly installed plumbing can cause leaks and floods, destroying much of your home and possessions. Why take the chance just to save a few dollars? Hire the pros and rest assured that your new bathroom is well designed and properly installed for years of use.

Financing Options

Talk to your banker about home renovation loans. A bathroom remodel project increases the resale value of your home, and often improves your home equity. Financing could help you complete the project today, while paying for the work in affordable monthly payments.

Some local contractors offer in-house financing as well, and most accept credit card payments. Take advantage of seasonal sales and promotions to get the best deal on your new bathroom project by having the financing available ahead of time.

Budgeting for a bathroom remodel Virginia homeowners want takes careful planning. Consider how much you can complete on your own and which elements of the job need to be handled by the pros. Then discuss financing options and watch for local promotions. Your dream bathroom renovation is possible.

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