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High Tech Options for a Bathroom Renovation in Virginia

Adding high tech features to your bathroom renovation in Virginia has become popular in the last few years. Televisions and stereo systems add an element of entertainment, while steam showers and saunas help to create a spa-like atmosphere.

You can also opt for the ultimate comfort with underfloor radiant heating, and include heated towel rails to keep your linens cozy. Each of these features boosts your bathroom renovation, but help to make this room all it can be.

Entertainment Options

You’ll find a selection of waterproof televisions to mount on the wall above your tub. With a handy remote and PVR, you can enjoy catching up on your favorite shows and movies while soaking your stresses away. Evervue makes a well-made model that includes HDMI and VGA connections to provide high quality sound and picture quality.

Think about location, and wire the power and cables behind mold-resistant drywall. All connections should be durable and water resistant; attractive outdoor stereo systems offer excellent design for a bathroom. Speakers can be hidden in storage cabinets, or mounted in the top corners for an unobtrusive set up.

Ultra high tech options, like the waterproof MirrorVue model that switches between a high def TV and mirror, capture the indulgence of a hotel bathroom. If your budget allows, consider the latest options and jettison your living space into the future.

Stress Release

Use technology to create a space that truly rejuvenates you. When your bathroom renovation in Virginia includes a steam shower, improving your health and wellbeing is simple and convenient.

Steam has long been used to purify the body, clean pores and improve circulation. Today’s steam showers come with all of the necessary functions to provide this type of luxury in your own home.

Look for models of varying shapes and sizes, from smaller corner models that take advantage of compact spaces to more generous shower and bath combos that make everyone in the family happy. Steam showers come premade, and are assembled and installed on site by a professional bathroom renovation contractor for optimum performance and durability.

Saunas are another option, and work well in larger bathrooms. The whole family can use a sauna, and connecting it to a new bathroom or installing the room nearby helps to make a sauna convenient and attractive.

Choose which of these two options suits your bathroom style, layout and décor. Although a sauna is lower tech than a steam shower, this option still requires additional electrical work and plumbing considerations.

Comfort and Warmth

Some high tech bathroom features help to improve efficiency, such as underfloor radiant heating. Heat this space from the ground up with electrical or geothermal systems installed under the tile, laminate or hardwood flooring. This type of heating provides localized, highly efficient heat that can be easily controlled.

Talk to your bathroom renovation contractor about including radiant heating in the design. And consider mounting heated towel rails in the new bathroom, providing an extra boost of warmth when you step out of the shower. These products are available in a wide range of styles and designs, made to complement just about any décor theme.

Adding high tech options to your bathroom renovation in Virginia creates a more relaxing, upscale experience. From waterproof TVs and stereos to luxurious steam showers and cozy radiant heating, technology can take your bathroom to new heights.

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