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“Greenify” Your Virginia Roofing With Natural or Solar Shingles

Buildings all have one thing in common, four walls supported by a roof overhead. Building owners, whether their properties are residential or commercial, are responsible for the installation and maintenance of these components. When considering new residential Virginia roofing, commercial roofing, or roofing repair options, something that is efficient and cost effective is top priority. Maybe it’s time to consider a green or solar roof.

A green roof really has very little to do with color, although there are a few different uses for the terminology. Most commonly, green roofs are environmentally friendly roofing systems made from recycled materials. The life cycle of these roofs is much longer than that of traditional roofing systems. They also require much less work by way of maintenance requirements, and the materials used in the roofs can be recycled once they have reached the end of their life spans.

Several different sustainable building materials can be used on a green roof. The key is choosing a durable product that will keep the elements at bay. Recycled rubber roofing, made from recycled tires, is a relatively new product on the market with a high likelihood for durability.

Steel and aluminum roofs can have recycled content levels as high as 100%, are lightweight and durable, easily recyclable, reduce energy usage by reflecting heat, and are an optimum surface for rainwater collection systems.

Cold adhesives reduce odor and the amount of hazardous fumes emitted during application. Newer hot adhesives have also been introduced with lower emissions ratings. Another recent advancement is the fume-capturing kettle, which true to its name, reduces the amount of fumes released by adhesives.

Solar roof shingles are one such example. These shingles create no air or noise pollution. They can be used as a sole source of energy by charging batteries to use at night or overcast days. Alternatively, they can be used in conjunction with standard utilities, removing some of the dependence placed on traditional energy sources and lowering overall environmental impact.

Another solar roofing option is the solar panel. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity in the same manner as solar roof shingles and can be installed onto an existing roof on the portion that gets the most direct sun exposure.

Solar and green  Virginia roofing has many advantages. It helps save the earth and the environment and improves personal health through lower pollution levels. It stimulates the economy through an increased interested in green technologies. Finally, and most importantly, it just makes sense.

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