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Getting Your Northern Virginia Deck Ready for the Season

As the cooler weather fades into memory, there are many different tasks on your to do list. From spring cleaning to lawn equipment tune ups and gardening, the change of seasons requires a fair bit of work. And your Northern Virginia deck is no exception. Make this outdoor living space as comfortable as possible with a little bit of elbow grease and some fresh upgrades.

Shine and Stain

Any type of deck board will be subject to the dirt and dust of the great outdoors. Both composite and wood decks need to be cleaned well at least one per year (and many in the industry recommend bi-annual cleaning – once in the spring and again in the fall). Use an environmentally safe cleaning product to give your deck boards a scrub down and remove any mold, mildew and other organic staining.

Once the deck surface, as well as any vertical parts such as privacy screens and railings, is clean and dry it’s time to for a coat of stain. This only needs to be done every few years or once you have noticed fading, so gauge the condition of this protective coating after the cleaning is complete.

Deck stain (or the less commonly seen paint) does act as a protective barrier against the potential damage of the sun. UV rays will fade the color of the deck board and can cause excess cracking or splitting on wooden decks.

Upgrade For Better Function

Maybe you noticed a need for more space on your Northern Virginia deck last summer. Or possibly a new neighbor has moved in and your family needs better privacy. There are plenty of reasons for deck upgrades, even if you thought you had designed a dream deck.

Adding or changing the existing railings is easy and shouldn’t be too much of an investment. Consider putting in tempered glass deck railing if you don’t want to block a beautiful view or installing a 5-foot high privacy screen if the neighbors are uncomfortably close. Design the railing to match what is there or opt for a coordinated look.

You can also add another level to your Virginia deck if space permits. Build a separate frame and attach it where necessary, transforming your standard deck into a multi-level outdoor living paradise. Change out the existing deck boards while you’re at it and upgrade to composite or eco friendly cedar decking.

Light Up Your Life

If there are currently light fixtures on your deck spring is the time to test them and replace bulbs if needed. Solar garden lights can be put out once the weather turns for the better and patio heaters are ideal for use at this time of year.

Install outdoor fixtures on your exterior wall or consider a ceiling fan under the veranda for long evenings of relaxation on the deck. You can also have low voltage lighting installed right into your deck – along the edging, under pergola beams or on railing posts. You’ll need to call in a deck contractor, but the overall effect will be amazing and is sure to transform your summer into one of lazy at home comfort.

From cleaning and staining to upgrades and lighting there is plenty to be done on your Northern Virginia deck in anticipation of spring. Get to it and keep the goal in mind – long, relaxing days in your own backyard paradise.

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