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Get A Beach Inspired Virginia Sunroom

We all want to get away and vacation on some of the nicest beaches that the states have to offer but with the economic downturn, bad weather, hurricane season and now massive oil spills it’s hard to find a beach that not only fits the budget but makes you feel safe enough to relax.

There is a better answer than the beach though. You don’t even need to go to the beach to enjoy the feel, the relaxation, the ambiance and everything else that goes with a trip to the sand and sun locations. You can deck out your Virginia sunroom and give a redecoration that will give you the perfect beach getaway without actually going to the beach. You can chill right in your sunroom and enjoy most of the same benefits.

So how do you make that transition so that you’re getting the most out of your Virginia sunroom? You have to start with soft accents and build from there.

Colors a big part of any destination. When you think of the coastal vacation, you’re immediately going to bring the ocean to mind. With the big white capped waves, golden white sand and the lush greens around the beach. Bring those colors to life in your Virginia sunroom.

Sea greens and turquoise mock the colors of the ocean well, along with soft blue tones if you’re not a green person. Since the majority of a sunroom is large open windows, there’s very little actual wall space so what you end up with are colored accents between all your windows. This fits very well, as the color you choose won’t be terribly overwhelming.

Use a softer tone or simpler white color in the trim of the Virginia sunroom as well in lacy, billowing sheers that mimic the rolling whitecaps around your windows.

For the floors, use a ceramic tile in a mocha or sandy-brown color that is slightly textured to offer grip as well as the gritty feel of a beach getaway. You can supplement the color there by using a similar tone within the baseboards, just a touch darker, to create the “wet sand” border between your beach and the water you’re mimicking in the walls.

Of course no beach destination is complete without the greenery. Large potted palms and numerous other smaller shrubs and tropical/decorative grasses can add a lush, thick feel to your beach that can get rid of the boxy feeling of a Virginia sunroom. This depth will make it easy to relax and enjoy the sun that’s baking in through the windows of your sunroom.

For a little extra getaway style, install a small rock fountain or running water of some sort within your Virginia sunroom. This will give you the pleasant sound of water running while adding just the right touch of humidity to your Virginia sunroom

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