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Garage Conversions Require a General Contractor Virginia Homeowners Can Trust

Many homeowners use their garage exclusively for storage, never realizing the full potential of this space. Garage conversions transform the area into usable living space. Your home value surges with the creation of another bedroom, bathroom or playroom. When considering a garage conversion project it’s best to hire a general contractor Virginia homeowners can trust. Their experience and knowledge will drive this unique project to completion.

The Challenges of a Garage Conversion Renovation

Transforming your garage from its current state into safe and comfortable living space presents certain challenges. Many garages are not built to include the same standards of comfort that interior spaces include. A remodel project requires additions, repairs and replacements, all of which are best handled by a seasoned professional.

The garage door presents the first challenge. Once this component is removed, the empty space needs to be enclosed and insulated. Many times this is the ideal area for a window or exterior door, although that will depend on the design of your new living space.

The foundation of your garage may need work as well. Often the garage is built on a slab, which may or may not be sufficient to support all of the walls. Your general contractor will assess the foundation depth and soil condition in order to discover whether any initial repairs or additions are required.

Insulation and Damp Proofing

Wall construction in the garage is significantly different than the design and construction of walls around your home. Building standards ensure your house remains comfortable and energy efficient by specifying the amount and style of insulation used around your living space. The newly converted garage space often requires a second wall be erected, with thermal insulation between the existing and new wall.

Vapor barrier and other forms of damp proofing are added to either the new wall or the existing structure, based on your contractor’s preferred method. Hiring a general contractor Virginia homeowners can trust gives you assurance and confidence, knowing the conversion process will run smoothly and efficiently resulting in a warm, affordable home.

Can You DIY a Garage Conversion?

Converting raw, often underserviced garage space into cozy living quarters is difficult. Imagine the amount of research required just to figure out whether the foundation is adequate. Not to mention that additional insulation and moisture resistance is required and code specifies that a licensed electrician install any necessary wiring. A subfloor may need to be installed in order to bring the floor level up and provide a moisture barrier. Proper ventilation may also present an issue and renovations to the ceiling and roof could be required.

If you have extensive experience with a wide range of home improvement projects, tackling a garage conversion yourself may be possible. Otherwise it only makes sense to contact a local general contracting firm. Look for one that has experience with this type of project and arrange for a few different estimates to compare prices, experience and overall design.

Expand your living space without changing the footprint of your home through garage conversion. This type of project requires a general contractor Virginia homeowners can trust, with the expertise and skills to make your renovation dreams a reality.

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