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Modern Design Ideas for Your Virginia Bathroom Remodeling Project

With the right design, bathroom renovations can transform cramped and dated areas into clean, contemporary spaces. And with the help of modern designs and quality fixtures, your Virginia bathroom remodeling project will update your home improve your lifestyle. Pick one of these design ideas, or mix and match to come up with the ideal design for your family.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Designs

Have you ever visited a luxury hotel and raved at the posh bathroom? This type of modern bathroom design echoes the fixtures, furniture and set up of boutique hotels. Think about a large soaker tub, expansive walk in showers with frameless glass walls, oversized shower heads that mimic rainfall and stylish double sinks with piles of plush towels.

You’ll need to search for the ultimate bathroom fixtures to create this style; the structure of the bathroom only serves to support these fantastic pieces. Expect to pay a premium for unique and impeccably designed sinks, bathtubs, showers and even toilets. You can also find bathroom accessories like towel racks, storage space and vanities that would look at home in a six-star hotel.

Sleek and Simple

Are you planning to build a new powder room or redesigning your main bathroom to suit a growing family? The idea of a sleek and simple bathroom design is to optimize space and bring in plenty of natural light. Neutral colors combine with smooth surfaces and a minimalist style to create a contemporary space that suits any home.

Wall mount fixtures play a key role in this type of Virginia bathroom remodeling project. You can find quality toilets and sinks that are installed directly onto the wall, saving space and allowing for better traffic flow. Don’t forget to add storage space into the corners of the room, and look for vertical cabinet designs to help make the most of wall space.

Retro Bathroom Styles

Using distinctive bathroom fixtures and furniture, as well as stylish wall and floor finishing, creating a retro bathroom is fairly simple. Decide which era you would like to echo, from a fancy Victorian bath to a funky 1950’s style. Browse the web for images and information about your preferred era, clipping the pictures to your computer or a Pinterest board. Having these pictures close at hand allows you to stay on track when designing your bathroom remodelling project.

Many bathroom manufacturers offer bathtubs, sinks and vanities that reflect the charm and elegance of years gone by. The trick is putting all of these things together, along with trim, flooring and accessories, to make a convincing, yet contemporary space. Have fun with this bathroom design, mixing modern conveniences and fashions of the past to create something completely fresh and new. Whether you opt for Edwardian elegance or 1960’s style, a retro bathroom renovation is an exciting change.

Your contractor will help to hammer out the ideal design, making sure your Virginia bathroom remodeling project adds value to your home and lifestyle. From hotel chic to sleek and simple or retro style, a bathroom renovation provides an opportunity to create a fresh and modern space in your house.

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