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Four Signs That a Virginia Window Replacement Is In Your Future

Windows don’t last forever. And although we would like them to be, deteriorating windows are not easy to repair or spruce up. Once the overall quality is gone there is simply no way to return windows back to their former glory. If you spot any of these four signs going on around your home, be warned – Virginia window replacement is in your future.

Peeling Paint is Making a Mess Of Your Home’s Façade

When the paint on your wooden window frames is past the point of bubbling and beginning to truly peel, it’s time for replacement windows. This is a sign that the wood underneath that paint is not holding up well. It’s a sign that the condition of your frame is suspect meaning the seals could be deteriorated and the window frame itself may be loosened or even unstable.

If the peeling paint is only patchy and showing in certain spots you may be able to wait, but any large areas of peeling should push you to start planning for Virginia window replacement.

Drafts Are Showing Up Where They Weren’t Before

When the time is ripe for window replacement you’ll feel it inside your home as well as out. Drafty conditions and cool spots in the room that were not there last year are a good indication that the window is not functioning as it should.

As windows age they will lose the insulator properties they once had. The frames will shift, shrink and warp in tiny ways that, over time, will add to gaps and cracks in your surroundings. Those gaps and cracks will let in the cold and give you the chills when standing nearby.

The Heating Bills Are Skyrocketing

If the price of energy has not gone up, but your heating bills have, it could be a sign that your home needs replacement windows. Your old windows may not be built to the specifications of today’s window brands and the lack of insulation may be catching up with you.

Leaving older windows up can be almost as bad as leaving the windows open in a harsh winter cold. Those gaps and cracks combine with yesterday’s designs to create a cooler, less comfortable home and high bill payments. You’ll find a major difference in your heating bills with Virginia replacement windows – for the better.

You’re Getting Tired of the Maintenance

Some older window styles required yearly or semiannual maintenance. If this happens to be your job you’re likely to be pretty tired of it by now. With the modern, low maintenance options available it just makes sense to make the switch. Forget about repainting the window frames or applying a plastic coating. With the newest products that quality retailers have to offer you can have no fuss windows in your choice of styles, colors and shapes.

Save time and leave maintenance behind with new windows installed.

Everything gets older. And when your windows are exhibiting the signs above it’s time to give them a rest and think about Virginia window replacement. Call a pro to get the windows sized and ask about which brands and lines will fit your needs. The change will be remarkable.

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