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Flooring Options for Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

All sorts of components and building materials come together in a bathroom renovation. From fixtures to paint, lighting and storage, every element of this important room requires planning and research. High quality, durable flooring is essential, and homeowners planning to tackle bathroom remodeling in Virginia need to know their options.

Traditional Bathroom Flooring Options

In terms of affordability and durability vinyl flooring remains the top option for bathroom renos. Vinyl comes in a wide range of colors and styles, often mimicking the more expensive types of flooring while providing optimum protection from moisture.

Vinyl is low maintenance and, when installed properly, can last a few decades without any major repairs. If the vinyl rips or gets damaged, replacement is straightforward and fairly inexpensive.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are also commonly seen in the bathroom, providing an upscale look in several styles. Marble tiling can be carried across the floor and around the tub and shower for a classic Romanesque look. And both ceramic and porcelain come in nearly any color imaginable, with patterns, accent tiles and mosaics used to create a unique look in your new bathroom.

Modern Flooring Options for Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

While vinyl and tiling remain solid and dependable options for your new bathroom floor, consider others that have made a mark in the home improvement industry. From eco friendly alternatives to natural stone and manufactured laminate, your options for bathroom flooring have expanded.

Cork flooring delivers comfort and durability, along with the reassurance that you’re making a green choice. Since cork is derived from the tree’s bark, the environmental impact of this product is minimal. But the longevity is out of this world! Cork tiles are nailed, glued down or installed as a floating floor (preferable for the bathroom) and when properly sealed this material will withstand heat and moisture as well as many other flooring materials.

Some laminates are also made for use in the bathroom. Where hardwood or engineered wood flooring may be risky in a room where water puddles happen every day, laminates offer a decent alternative. Floating above a high quality underlayment, laminates made to withstand wetness have a thick layer of sealant on top. You’ll still need to be quick about wiping up puddles, but high end laminate should last for years without issue.

Flooding or excessive water in the bathroom could seriously damage any organic flooring, resulting in rot, swelling or mold. Cork and laminate are both more expensive to replace than vinyl, but many vinyl floors will twist, warp and detach when exposed to excessive amounts of water or heat.

Natural stone tiles present a perfect solution. Unique and full of character, natural stone tiles are the ideal flooring upgrade for your new bathroom. Available in a wide range of sizes, types, colors and textures, your bathroom will look absolutely stunning with natural stone tiles on the floors. Many homeowners opt to install the same stones, or complementary stone tiles, around the tub and shower. Depending on the style chosen, stones can create a classic look, evoke a rustic style or make this room look ultra modern.

Talk to your contractor about the optimum type of flooring for bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Invest in high quality building materials all over the room to ensure your renovation adds value to your home and lifestyle.

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