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Five Tips on Building a Bar in Your Virginia Basement

Your Virginia basement living space will play host to countless gatherings and also offers a private space to relax. Perfect for both families and couples, building a bar in your basement renovation provides a focal point for these events. But what kind of bar designs work for this area of your home, and how can you fit this element into your overall floor plan?

Tip # 1 – Factor in Your Surrounding

Consider the feel of your new basement living space and estimate the space available for a custom bar. These two elements of your basement renovation have the greatest influence on bar design. For instance, you don’t want to install a traditional bar with dark stained wood in a bright, modern basement living space. Also, a tiny corner bar may get lost in a vast space and a large home bar design could become overwhelming in a smaller area.

Tip # 2 – Choose a Good Spot

Location remains an important aspect to consider. Home bars often include plumbing, and placing your new bar near the bathroom or laundry allows for efficient plumbing design. Your contractor needs to include a water supply and drain, as well as a water line to your fridge, if applicable.

Think about where your family and friends will gather, and place the bar accordingly. You don’t need to stick the bar in a far off corner either—why not place it in the middle of your room and leave space for the crowd on both sides? Get creative and have fun with location.

Tip # 3 – Light It Up

Lighting plays an important role in any living space, but the proper lighting design can make or break your home bar. Remember to illuminate the area with fixtures designed for functionality (mixing drinks can be hard work) and mood. Nothing too bright, but ensure the bulbs provide enough coverage for the prep and seating areas.

Choose lighting that accents the shape of your home bar and complements the balance of your Virginia basement. This may be the ideal place for a bold, stand-out fixture, or perhaps you’ll choose lighting that blends in well and let your bar be the star. Work with the feel and décor of the room, but remember to invest in functional, top quality lighting.

Tip # 4 – Pay Attention to Your Feet

Flooring around a home bar should be durable, comfortable and easily cleaned. Spills happen, and you’ll be tired of washing the carpet within a short period of time. Popular options for flooring in this area include:

  • Tiling – ceramic, porcelain or natural stone work well
  • Engineered Wood – good quality products designed for below-grade installation create a beautiful setting for your bar
  • Laminate – be sure to look for attractive patterns with this inexpensive option

Tip # 5 – Include Plenty of Storage

Allow for a fully stocked bar by including storage in a big way. Wall cabinets and under-counter drawers and cabinetry provide closed storage for many different items, while open shelving above or behind the bar offers a good space for bottles and other attractive bar items. Think about other creative ways you can create storage designed for your style and stock.

A well designed home bar completes your Virginia basement renovation. Think about the size and shape, location, lighting, flooring and storage options to ensure your custom bar suits your lifestyle.

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