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Five Most Popular Northern Virginia Home Improvement Projects

Investing your hard earned money in your home is a wise move. Although the real estate market is still uncertain, putting your money into Northern Virginia home improvement projects will allow you to reap the benefits every day (as well as increasing the value of your home). Sounds good? Think about tackling one of these popular projects this season.

1 – Finish the Basement

Replace that dark, dusty area downstairs with a bright and useable living space. Neutral colors and low maintenance finishes will help this area to become a favorite hang out spot. Put in a home theater room, a work out gym or the ever popular billiard table – whatever your family likes to do while relaxing, the basement is an ideal place for casual living.

2 – Kitchen Renovation

Real estate experts state that a kitchen renovation is the wisest home improvement Northern Virginia homeowners can invest in. Not only will this project make your quality of life better, but it will also boost the overall value of your home for years to come. Updated appliances, cabinetry and design allow kitchen renos to affect a major transformation in your home.

3 – Replace the Flooring

This area of your house gets the most abuse, for sure. But it’s also the area that stands out in the overall impression of your home. Upgrading or replacing the flooring can be a major undertaking (some homeowners opt for a room by room schedule; others go all out and replace the floor across the entire house) but the end result is well worth it. Think about hardwood or laminate for an old world feel that’s also highly durable and classy. Or look at the wide selection of plush and comfy carpets out there. A trip to the flooring retailer will give you an idea of what choices you have.

4 – Decking For Outdoor Life

Great for your health and the perfect way to enjoy summer, building a deck or patio in your backyard also adds value to your property. Combine it with a swimming pool, gardens or unique backyard features and you can have a personalized oasis that is just steps from your patio door. The price of a deck ranges from the affordable to the extravagant, so think about how much you will use the space and invest accordingly.

5 – Energy Efficient Windows

Updating your current windows to the latest styles in double or triple glazed energy efficient replacement windows is just plain smart. Bound to increase the value and attractiveness of your home, this home improvement project will also decrease heating and cooling bills from day one. Think about making small windows large or adding patio doors, bay windows and transoms for more natural light. Look for low maintenance products that will maintain the look of your home faithfully. There are wood windows, composite and vinyl products out there in all different shapes and sizes. Find something that suits your home.

Investing in your house is like investing in your lifestyle. These Northern Virginia home improvement projects add convenience, comfort and efficiency to your daily life all while improving the value of the property. It’s a win-win situation that you can take advantage of with one phone call to your local contractor.

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