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Extra Services Offered By Your Washington DC Realtor

Many people assume that assistance in the sale or purchase of your home is all that a Washington DC realtor can offer. While that is the main thrust of their business, realtors are experienced with and willing to provide you with many other services. You may wonder why anyone undertakes a real estate transaction without their expertise and all encompassing assistance.

Honest Assessments

Property assessment is a tricky business. When your home is being appraised for the purposes of a mortgage, the value may be skewed or the assessment process fairly shallow. Likewise when insurance companies or municipalities assess for policy purposes or to come up with a tax figure the numbers may seem off. These tend to be biased viewpoints that do not always accurately show what your home is worth on the market.

Just like any other asset, your home should be valued at what it is worth. And that value is entwined with the amount that buyers are willing to pay for it. One of the only professionals who can give you an accurate, honest idea of your home’s worth is a realtor. They know the industry and the current market conditions intimately and will use that knowledge to come up with a fair figure that you can bank on, so to speak.

Home Improvement Consultations

Another helpful service offered by real estate professionals involves home improvement projects. While realtors may not have particular insight into what your family will enjoy and utilize, they can give you advice on the projects that truly add value to your home and are in demand within the market.

Many realtors will tell you that inground swimming pools may be a good investment in your family’s health and summer time recreation, but they also limit your market when it comes time to sell. On the other hand, putting your money into a new kitchen or bath is a wise investment that will pay back now and over the long term.

Your realtor is also a valuable consultant when it comes to other projects required to properly maintain your house. Roofing and siding replacement, landscaping projects and flooring upgrades are necessary when the condition of the original materials reaches a certain point. Your Washington DC realtor is an excellent source of unbiased information on when and how to go about these projects.

Mortgage and Financing Information

Talk to your real estate agent about the mortgage and financing options available to you during the sale or purchase of your home. They will have industry connections that allow you more options and greater flexibility, often resulting in substantial amounts of money saved. You could speak directly to the bank, but why not get advice and direction from a professional who works in the real estate industry daily, handling transactions and dealing with financing on a regular basis? Their insight is invaluable.

Whether for fair house appraisals, home improvement advice or direction in terms of financing, an experienced Washington DC realtor is the ideal player to have on your team. Their knowledge and expertise will help you make better decisions that will affect your family today and long into the future.

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