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Examining the Advantages of Fiber Cement For Your Northern Virginia Siding

Creating a positive first impression is one of the aspects to consider when choosing a material for your Northern Virginia siding. Wood is warm and full of character, while vinyl provides a virtually maintenance free finish. There is another product that actually captures the benefits of both – fiber cement siding is an impressive option that will create the look you want while delivering the durability and quality you need.

The Facts About Fiber Cement Siding

This material is made from a mixture of sand and cement with cellulose fibers included. All of these items are combined using a process called autoclaving (steam curing done at high temperatures), which serves to provide the strength and consistency required for an exterior siding product.

Layering this mixture to the desired thickness produces fiber cement siding in a wide variety of shapes, profiles and even colors. With the cellulose fibers included there is very little cracking and wood grain textures are added afterward with a high-pressure mold or by imprinting.

With all of the options available in fiber cement you are sure to find a siding style that suits your tastes. From horizontal panels resembling beaded siding, Dutch style or the more traditional shiplap to vertical Northern Virginia siding and preformed shingles in regular and irregular shapes, fiber cement manufacturers have a broad selection. Another very popular and distinctive style is the stucco-look, constructed completely of fiber cement panels. Both the main sections and the battens are fiber cement, as well as any soffit, creating an architectural design that is stunning, low maintenance and full of character.

A Few of the Benefits

The vast selection available in this material is certainly an advantage, but the product itself also offers benefits that homeowners and contractors can appreciate. Fiber cement siding:

  • Is manufactured to rigorous standards providing nearly unmatched dimensional stability.
  • Will not fade, warp or buckle as vinyl is prone to do.
  • Comes with a Class A (or Class 1) fire rating.
  • Is highly durable, withstanding weather, bumps and heavier impacts for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.
  • Has quality pre-finished paint options that will last from 25 to 50 years without a recoat required.
  • Approved for installation on historic homes and buildings covered by preservation guidelines.

Choose the Manufacturer Wisely

In the same way you would with other exterior siding options, it is important to choose the fiber cement manufacturer wisely. Certain brands have been in the industry for years and offer solid warranties, reasonable prices and consistent quality. Others that are newly entering this hot marketplace may not be the best choice, despite introductory prices and an even broader selection of colors and profiles. Although technology often helps in the building industry, until a manufacturer is proven and established you are best to steer clear.

Fiber cement is an excellent option for your Northern Virginia siding project. With a variety of profiles and appearances available, as well as durability and strength that meets and exceeds that of wood siding, this material is gaining in popularity. Look for it on homes in your neighborhood and consider fiber cement siding for your own new build or renovation.

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