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61 virginia home addition essentials

Essential Steps to Prepare for Virginia Home Additions

A home addition project involves weeks of upheaval, and preparation will help your family to cope. Make the most of Virginia home additions by ensuring your home is set up for demolition, surprise weather and contractors. Many of these steps employ common sense and can be done well ahead of time with minimal effort.

Prepare the Property

Both the exterior and interior of your home will be affected by a home addition. Protect your property before the renovation starts by clearing the area. Start with the yard, and remove all patio furniture, planters and accessories. Pack these things away for now, and cut back all plants and shrubs near the renovation spot. All furniture and household items in the rooms adjacent to the addition should be removed until the renovation is complete.

Many homeowners assume that Virginia home additions are only invasive once the contractor has broken through the existing exterior wall. Renovation reality is a little different, and the contractors will need to assess your services well before break-through. Disruptions are inevitable, and your power and water supply may be affected.

Remember that additions can leave your home vulnerable to theft for a short period of time. Think about having a security system installed or updated for the duration of the project. Or remove all items of value (computers, home stereo, collectibles, etc.) for the course of the project.

Prepare the Neighborhood

Obtain the relevant building permits before the first pick up truck pulls up at your home. This process requires detailed drawings and plans, as well as permit fees and various levels of inspection. Talk to your contractor about who is responsible for the permit application process

Find out about local noise bylaws as well, and let your neighbors know about the upcoming construction. Contractors tend to get an early start, and make a fair amount of noise during both the demolition and construction stages.

Prepare the Family

Home additions can disrupt your daily life, and preparing your family for the changes helps to minimize disruptions. Preparations will depend on what elements of your home are affected. Consider meal planning, sleeping arrangements and space for relaxation when preparing for a home addition.

Some families find it better to move out of the house during a major renovation, while others can simply shift daily tasks to another area of the house. Pick the best solution for your family, depending on the time of year and your lifestyle.

Prepare the Details

Remember to prepare a few other vital, but tiny details. Remove any fragile items from the house (valuable artwork and antiques, for example) and limit the spread of dust by hanging poly sheets and sealing off the work area.

Consider ordering a portable toilet for the contractors, reducing foot traffic through your home and shrinking delays. And be sure to purchase any special materials beforehand, such as unique bathroom fixtures and kitchen accessories. Store them in a safe location until that stage in the renovation.

Virginia home additions enhance your home and living space, but preparations are essential for a project of this size. Prepare your property, neighbors and family for all of the inconveniences and disruptions that may occur, always keeping in mind the beautiful end result of a home addition.

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