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Essential Accessories For Your Northern Virginia Siding

The exterior of your home needs to be finished for protection and architectural appeal. Choose from a variety of Northern Virginia siding styles to achieve an attractive and durable look. But siding accessories also help to bring that look together, finishing awkward corners, covering gaps and creating a seamless appearance. Bringing these exterior finish elements together can be challenging, but enhanced siding accessories will transform your house from an ordinary building to an extraordinary home.

Keyed Corners

Instead of simply installing outside corner trim, look for keyed corner trim. This product has more depth and detail, providing a better profile on the corners of your siding. This product comes in a variety of widths and profiles, designed to compliment any style of home.

Some homeowners opt for corner trim in a matching color, while others choose a complimentary or contrasting tone. It depends entirely on how you would like the finished look to appear, as well as the total number of corners on the building and their location. Contrasting colors can seem busy if your home has a lot of angles, while matching trim can look washed out on a fairly flat or square home.

Dentil Trim and Crown Molding

Adding trim to the underside of overhangs and eaves provides interesting detail and form on the exterior of your home. Just as crown molding will enhance the interior of the house, dentil trim and crown moldings can be installed over your Northern Virginia siding to create a beautifully detailed and upscale look.

Accent certain areas of the house, like the front porch, or trim around gables and across straight rooflines to achieve the same details over the entire building. Dentil trim offers smaller, rectangular blocks in an offset pattern, while crown molding has a swooping look that provides greater depth at the roofline.

Shutters and Window Corner Blocks

Dress up the windows with siding accessories in contrasting colors. Shutters provide a dashing look, but may also offer protection and shade for the windows if they are operational. Many homeowners opt for the standard decorative models that simply provide a wider vision of your windows.

Give the corners of your window trim a dash of style using window corner blocks. Available in wood and vinyl, these square pieces often have a decorative shape formed into the middle. Set into each corner of the window trim, those shapes add an interesting twist to the flat, boring trim typically seen on most homes.

Mounting Blocks

Do you want to make your exterior lights, hose reels and house numbers stand out in a decorative way? Take a look at how mounting blocks can completely change these utilitarian additions into works of art. A vinyl mounting block can be added over vinyl siding, fiber cement siding or stucco, providing a flat area for the fixture to sit on and a molded trim to cover the hole underneath. These components add depth and can be chosen to match exterior moldings and trim to provide a symmetrical look on your house.

No matter what type of Northern Virginia siding you are having installed, siding accessories like keyed corners, dentil trim, window corner blocks and mounting blocks can will dress up the finished look. Add style to your home the easy way with high quality siding accessories from your preferred manufacturer.

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