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Custom Islands For Your Virginia Kitchen

For larger Virginia kitchen areas where there’s a lot of open space, a center island in the kitchen adds a fair amount of convenience along with beautiful style to the area. Most larger kitchens are actually designed with a center island in mind, with the option to add one at any point.

While some center islands in the kitchen are designed specifically to add storage space, others come with more functionality such as adding a stainless steel foodprep surface or sink for washing vegetables and other foods.

These center islands enable any homeowners to bring out their inner chef and start playing more within the kitchen. The added space can go a long way toward prepping for large meals or serving a group of people potluck-style. They also function as a great way for others to relax and pull up a stool while talking to the person hanging out in the kitchen.

Design Ideas for Islands In The Kitchen

Some homeowners get a little carried away with their center island designs. You only need enough space to work effectively and efficiently. It’s not efficient if you cant reach the other side of the island without having to lean way over the edge.

Opt for an designer that can help you determine the best size and layout for an island addition to your Virginia kitchen. You can even place a comparatively sized piece of furniture or some boxes in the middle of your kitchen to see if the space would still be functional or if it would create navigational issues. Keep the height in mind as well, as you can consider adding barstool if you have the room to do so, you just need to have the clearance for legs and feet.

Opting For Custom Kitchen Island Designs

While manufacturers actually offer a number of island designs it’s just not possible to have a design for every kind of kitchen. Mainly because people tend to have custom kitchens built for their homes. For that reason, a lot of homeowners opt for kitchen islands to be designed to fit their personal layout.

A number of contractors can easily design a kitchen island that will not only compliment your design and the flow of your kitchen but they can make sure that the material matched what you’ve already got in your kitchen so that the island doesn’t stand out any more than it’s already supposed to.

Your island can be an extension of all the things you wanted for the rest of your kitchen but just couldn’t dive into. Marble counters, dishwashers, a new sink, a soft countertop perfect for handling regular and dessert dough, custom butcher blocks and more. The island is more than just a space for storage. It’s the v-12 engine extension of your Virginia kitchen.

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