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Comparing Vinyl and Brick For Your Virginia Siding Project

New builds in Virginia, home additions and major renovations will require exterior siding to be complete. You have a few different choices when it comes to Virginia siding, but for many homeowners it will come down to the two most popular – vinyl or brick. Both of the options have benefits and drawbacks that can leave the homeowners confused and undecided. Have a look at each type to help you see which is best for your home.

Vinyl Siding For Your Virginia House

Lending a certain Colonial charm to the neighborhood, vinyl sided homes are also low maintenance and durable. Vinyl presents a clean face on your home and will retain its color and attractive appearance for decades without any more than a hose down once or twice a year.

Today’s vinyl products are injected with color so that even scratches and gouges will not overly mar the finish. It provides excellent protection against moisture and heat, although it may have difficulty holding out against high winds and strong storms after a time.

Vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. It is also flexible and works well in gables and other odd shapes on the facade of your home. There are a wide variety of colors available and matching or complimentary color schemes can be easily found through a number of reputable suppliers.

When repairs to your Virginia siding are necessary it is advantageous to have a vinyl product installed. Components and parts are affordable and repairs are fast and simple, for the most part. When compared to the finicky repairs necessary on brick siding, replacements and renovations to vinyl sided homes are more straightforward and worry-free.

Brick Siding For Your Virginia Home

We know the story of the Three Little Pigs and how the brick house saved the piglets from the Big Bad Wolf. In the same way many homeowners feel safer and more secure behind brick siding. There is a sense of solidity that may be missing from a house finished with vinyl siding, although brick can be just as vulnerable when disaster strikes. In fact, many home insurance policies will not cover masonry damage should an earthquake or other natural disaster damage your brick siding.

Brick cuts down on street noise significantly, creating a quieter, more peaceful home inside. Installed along with the proper insulation and airtight seals, brick walls help to create an energy efficient home that will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The same can be said for vinyl siding, however. It depends more on the quality of insulation and the construction techniques used behind the siding.

Brick is more expensive than vinyl, both for the product itself and the labor to install. Repairs are costlier as well, although brick is very durable and will be maintenance free for at least a few decades. After that point you will likely need to repoint the bricks to fix up deteriorating mortar.

When you are building a new home or putting on an addition your choice of Virginia siding is likely to come down to brick or vinyl. Consider using a combination of the two to enjoy all of the benefits and control the construction costs. If you would rather one over the other, rest assured that both are excellent choices to create an attractive and low maintenance exterior home finish.

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