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Comparing the Maintenance Requirements of Northern Virginia Siding

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when choosing your Northern Virginia siding. The different types of siding have distinct appearances, varying costs and assorted levels of maintenance. Once you have decided which look you want, the maintenance is likely a major factor as it also affects the overall cost and durability of the product. Compare each type to get a better feel for which is best for your home.

Wood Siding

This traditional choice adds warmth and charm to your home, but those traits come with a high level of maintenance. In Northern Virginia the wind, sun and temperatures will do a number on a wood finish, resulting in the need to stain or paint your siding every few years.

Even the highest quality paints cannot stand up indefinitely. And a refinishing job is extensive and, in some cases, expensive. Factor in the cost and time involved when you are considering this style of siding for your home.

Fiber Cement Siding

Touted as a low maintenance and highly durable alternative to wood siding, fiber cement does come prefinished from the factory. This cuts down on the need to paint initially, but many of the brands currently being installed will fade with time. You may need to repaint this style of Northern Virginia siding on a five to seven year rotation, depending on the brand installed and property conditions.

Fiber cement siding also needs to be caulked in order to provide a high level of energy efficiency. Your caulking job may wear out due to damage, climate or age. It helps to use the highest quality caulking possible.

Vinyl Siding

Hailed as the siding option with the lowest maintenance requirements, vinyl is often an install-it-and-forget-it product. Besides a regular wash down with your hose to get that initial shine back, good quality vinyl siding shouldn’t need any other attention.

The color retention is high and fading, cracking and splitting are rare. Be sure that you are installing a brand with excellent ratings and a solid warranty. And always have a professional siding installer do the work in order to ensure the corners and seams are well done, providing a tight fit that will last.

Brick Siding

The most expensive siding option available, many people assume brick is maintenance-free. But even stone doesn’t last forever and the brick products on the market today do require regular maintenance. Every ten years or so your bricks (or more specifically, the mortar) will need to be repointed, an expensive job that must be done by a professional.

Brick siding is energy efficient and long lasting, but a repointing job often sneaks up on homeowners. They are surprised by the need as well as the cost, both factors that may have influenced their original decision to opt for brick.

Stucco Siding

This is another popular option that needs to be repainted or refinished on a regular basis. Much like fiber cement siding, the stucco will not retain its original color for long and repainting is required around every ten years or so.

Stucco also needs to be sealed. Resealing requirements are dependent on the climate and the exposure of your home.

It helps to understand the maintenance requirements of all the various types of Northern Virginia siding. Consider what you are willing to spend up front and how much money and effort you are willing to put into the maintenance. Time, appearance and durability are all major elements that factor in as well. Choose wisely and your siding will suit your home perfectly.

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