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Choosing Trim to Compliment Your Northern Virginia Siding

The exterior of your home is what will make a lasting impression on visitors and neighbors alike. While the design and elevation of the structure is important, it’s the style and color of your siding that will have an impact first. And one of the best ways to dress up your Northern Virginia siding is with trim that is both complimentary and durable.

Sizes and Shapes of Trim

No matter what type of siding you choose – whether it’s wood shiplap siding, vinyl, composite or even stucco – your house will also need trim. Around windows and doorframes, within the soffits and incorporating the porch railing and posts, trim plays a major role in the exterior look of your home. It’s important that you choose a size and shape that will compliment the architecture of your home and create the overall look you want.

Wide trim will lend your home a flavor of mid-century American architecture, perfect for Northern Virginia. But it also has a modern finish and contemporary boldness that suits today’s homes. Think of wide trim as an addition that demands notice, an accent that frames your siding choice instead of fading into the background.

You could also go with something more subtle. A thinner profile on your house trim will help the edges to be less defined, resulting in a more minimalistic, linear look. This can work very well on ultra modern stucco homes, but may be out of place with a house that leans toward a heritage look.

Trim of a Different Color

The color of your Northern Virginia siding should be chosen wisely. Whether you are building a new home or replacing the existing siding, the choice of color is a big one. Will you opt for something light to help make a smaller home seem expansive? Or are you drawn to a medium tone that allows your landscape to stand out? The most current trends are seeing the return of fairly dark siding colors including deep steel blue and dark browns.

Trim color will depend on the hue you have chosen for the siding, which in turn takes into account the roof color. All of these major elements play on each other and the colors need to work together to display a picture of overall charm. If the siding color is lighter you can get away with a dark tone in the trim, but be aware that other accents like shutters, railings and porch posts should be on the darker side as well for good balance. And if this look is not for you, try the same color of trim in a slightly darker shade to create interesting depths on your home’s exterior.

An experienced installer or the sales staff at the building supply store should be able to show you samples of both siding and trim, which will help you make the best decision. It’s important to see the actual products together, as opposed to just a color swatch. This will give you a genuine representation and allow you to make an informed choice.

Your Northern Virginia siding and trim are what allow your house to stand out. The size and shape of the trim, as well as the color combination, are a big decision so take your time and choose wisely. A gorgeous finished look will make it worthwhile.

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