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Choosing the Optimum Shower for Your Virginia Bathroom Remodeling Project

Showers provide a cosy location to unwind or an efficient space to get ready for your day. Your Virginia bathroom remodeling project should include the ideal shower, tailored to your tastes, space and budget. But how do you find this vital bathroom fixture? Start by learning the ropes and browse until you come across a unit that fits your home renovation plans.

Measure Your Space

Jot down the details of your floor plan, including the available space (length and width of the room, as well as ceiling height) and location of other bathroom fixtures. Note any obstacles, such as windows, doorframes, floor vents and bulkheads, that cannot be easily moved. Your new shower should fit well into that space, although some models can incorporate obstacles.

Consider whether or not you’re willing to relocate plumbing or knock down walls. If this isn’t an option, be sure to note the measurements and take them along when shopping for the ideal model. Finding a shower that suits without any alterations is more challenging, but entirely possible with the proper information at hand.

Discover the Different Types of Shower Stalls

Think about the purpose of your new Virginia bathroom. Is it a secondary bathroom for guests or overflow, an updated family bath or a luxurious master ensuite? Nailing down the purpose helps you to choose the ideal types of shower stall.

The most common types include:

  • One- or Two-Piece Poly Shower Stalls – much like a tub/shower combo, these units come with durable, low maintenance shower walls made of polyvinyl. They are mounted into wall framing and trimmed to create a built-in look. You can find one- or two-piece shower stalls in a wide range of sizes, some with molded benches and most with molded storage shelves and bars.
  • Neo-angle Showers – these triangular showers fit well into a corner and sport glass walls in a strong aluminum frame. Some come with frosted glass; others are clear. All have an open top, molded shower tray and polyvinyl walls along the back.
  • Glass Shower Enclosures – these modern shower stalls come in frameless or framed designs, with clear or frosted glass walls. They are often installed against a tiled wall and tiled shower floor and can easily incorporate benches, shelving and other shower features to make your Virginia bathroom remodeling project more valuable.

Choose the shower type that best suits your remodeling style and the room’s scale. A smaller one- or two-piece shower stall or neo-angle shower works well in a secondary bathroom with limited space, but a well designed glass shower enclosure completes your modern bathroom with flair.

Choose Your Showerhead

The right showerhead adds a layer of luxury and indulgence to your new shower. Will be opt for the standard fixed showerhead or install a dual system for better coverage? Perhaps a handheld showerhead will help you get kids and pets washed quickly without making a mess. Or maybe you prefer the natural feeling of a rainfall showerhead, mimicking the wide spray and heavy drops of rainfall.

Vertical shower spas provide the ultimate experience, with body jets, a high end fixed showerhead and a flexible handheld hose for those hard to reach spots. Opt for a model with programmable settings to make morning faster and more enjoyable.

Homeowners need to include the perfect shower in their Virginia bathroom remodeling project, making this space more comfortable and more practical. Take the time to find your ideal shower and consider it an investment—this is one bathroom fixture that you want to get right.

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