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198 virginia remodeling older house

Many first time buyers are turning to older homes with lower prices in order to make their first purchase in the market. The savings they hold from the purchase are being turned into investment dol...

199 virginia home improvement appeal

Homeowners are often concerned about getting the most value in their home when they start working on home improvement projects. In a perfect world, every update that we make would add to the overal...

200 virginia home improvement

The average American will relocate every three to five years, while some closer to five to seven. If you’re a homeowner, this means you would be wise to think carefully about the investments you...

201 stop water hammer home

When it comes to home repair, banging or loud pipes are a constant problem, especially in older homes with loose plumbing in the walls. Before you hire a Virginia general contractor to come in and ...

209 virginia wet bar counterpart

If you think the surface of your basement wet bar is just a place to rest a drink, you need to think again. It is the beautiful skin of your lounge. It’s the area where your bar meets the rest of...

210 virginia general contractor gutters

Gutters are commonly recommend for just about every home. Whether or not they’re necessary and you should have a Virginia general contractor install them for you depends on the answer to two key ...


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