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150 virginia real estate tips

Whether you are looking for your first home, upgrading to a larger home or downsizing, shopping for Northern Virginia real estate is an exciting and, at times, stressful process. By heading into th...

155 washington dc realtor services

Many people assume that assistance in the sale or purchase of your home is all that a Washington DC realtor can offer. While that is the main thrust of their business, realtors are experienced with...

160 real estate competitive market

The real estate market can be vastly different from one area of the country to the next. What sells quickly and for top value on the west coast may not move at all in the east. Likewise, properties...

165 virginia realtors selling home

In a tough real estate market every dollar counts. Whether that dollar is related to the price of your home, the closing costs or the realtor fee, most homeowners are on the lookout to save money o...

169 virginia real estate shop

Moving from state to state is certainly not uncommon and uprooting the family to follow opportunities and foster relationships is a way of life all around the world. Many people are being attracted...

174 washington dc realtor advice

Whether you are moving into the area or moving around it, the services of a Washington DC realtor will be indispensible during the process. As a guide, a source of information and a person to bounc...


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