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260 virginia enclosed patios

There are few homeowners that fathom the potential that their backyard Virginia patio has. When most homeowners start thinking about home improvement ideas for their Virginia home, they’re a bit ...

277 virginia patios outdoor space

You can turn your entire backyard into one of the most splendid oasis getaways, far more resplendent than anything you previously had, and all it takes is a little strategic planning and the right ...

293 virginia patios pavers

Regardless of the season, there are a number of people who enjoy having guests over for various get-together events and dinner parties.  More often than not we end up entertaining our guests in th...

306 virginia patios floor material

The way you design your Virginia patio is crucial to how well it holds up and the way it can be used by friends and family. Even if you have a pre-existing patio it can be updated to make sure that...

319 patios long span doors

This style of patio door is exactly what the name makes it sound like. They’re a wide exterior door that comes in both sliding and accordion format. Likewise, they can be customized in a variety ...


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