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255 virginia paint trimming cost

When you consider how much work is required in order to get a house painted, even on the outside, it’s almost shocking when people want to try and handle the work on their own instead of hiring a...

274 virginia paint diy

Whether you’re looking an interior or an exterior job, painting is a task that not many people will inevitably try to tackle on their own. DIY painting has a stigma for being easy, however many t...

285 virginia painters

Ask any new home buyer what the worst task is when moving into a new home, and they will tell you repainting the walls and ceilings. The prep work alone takes hours: taping the trim, putting plasti...

298 accent wall benefits

Homes are originally designed to attract the eyes and attention of potential homeowners. One of the best ways to do that is to make a home look like it could be lived in, where prospects can see th...

312 virginia home painters diy

In Virginia, painters are an easy way to get a pro paint job and they’re lifesavers for homeowners who are can’t finish up their own projects whether it’s a time or strategy issue. Few homeow...


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