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203 virginia hardwood floors

A vast majority of flooring design in the USA is compressed boarding over floor joists with basements below. The ideal type of product should be the more traditional solid 3/4″ Virginia hardw...

220 virginia hardwood flooring

It is more and more common to see for sale signs on some really beautiful homes in Virginia. Hardwood flooring in those homes might be helpful to sell them for better prices. The fact is that hardw...

239 virginia flooring hickory cypress

Ancient wisdom states that there is a time for all things and as autumn comes to our fair state once again, our home improvement projects tend to focus more on the indoors. Winter is just around th...

254 virginia flooring

The time will eventually come when you’ll have to work with a Virginia flooring company to spruce up your home and replace that ugly floor that’s going to crop up eventually. At some point, you...

269 virginia replacing floor

Houses In Virginia are built with different kinds of flooring materials. Some home owners install hardwood flooring, while others prefer concrete or vinyl flooring. There are also people who place ...

297 virginia flooring

Bathrooms Bathrooms do very well with neutral colors and any kind of Virginia flooring that is durable. That’s why tile, either ceramic or stone, is an excellent choice for the bathroom and offer...


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