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248 deck patios cost

Virginia deck or patio? That is the question. The purpose is usually to create an outdoor recreational space to be enjoyed by the whole family. Both options can accomplish this, but what about the ...

262 virginia deck installation

Virginia residents might be all about business but they’ve got a side that loves to relax just as much as anyone else and one of the best places to do that is on a newly finished and installe...

282 virginia deck stain

Step your Virginia deck up to the next level by sprucing up and rekindling luster in the surface. You can add color and protection to the aged material by adding a new layer of semi-transparent sta...

283 virginia deck fire flare

The backyard can be a haven for a lot of families, as it offers a way to section yourself off from the world while still enjoying nature and getting a bit of fresh air. Our backyard affords a lot o...

295 virginia deck mold

The only thing worse than having fat Aunt Sally sagging your Virginia Deck is finding mold on it. You must take action as soon as you find the awful stuff because it is health risk to you and your ...

309 virginia decks weather proof

A number of home owners and contractors alike believe that a Virginia deck is one of the best additions you can give to a home, and on the same line of thought an awning is one of the best addition...


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