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323 virginia bathroom

Did you know your bathroom is speaking to you?  Although we typically attribute languages to humans, every room in our home including our Virginia bathrooms speak their own language.  Like any la...

330 virginia low flow toilet

Deciding how much renovation you want to do on your bathroom can be difficult, especially if you are deciding by how much money you have.  You may at first be torn since you want any renovations y...

bathroom irish rain refresh

St. Patrick’s Day comes every year, bringing to mind thoughts of the Irish culture like historic castles, Irish history, and Irish weather.  Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to live i...

virginia bathroom remodeling

Every day you get up and hit the bathroom before going to work.You’re in a blur and you move in and out of the room without a second glance, at least until you step on one of the kids tub toys. Y...

347 bathroom remodeling time

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, and we spend a fair portion of our time there preparing ourselves each morning and evening. It makes sense that we would want our Virginia...


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