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76 bathroom remodeling project details

Every Virginia bathroom remodeling project involves various aspects. From toilets and sinks, to lighting, flooring and wall treatments, your bathroom design contains countless features to ponder an...

80 bathroom remodeling stages

Freshening up your bathroom involves a certain amount of work and investment, but not all Virginia bathroom remodeling projects require major chunks of time and money. Consider these three stages o...

82 flooring options bathroom remodeling

All sorts of components and building materials come together in a bathroom renovation. From fixtures to paint, lighting and storage, every element of this important room requires planning and resea...

86 bathroom remodeling budgeting

Bathroom renovations improve the value of your Virginia home, but costs vary depending on the design and scope of the project. Understanding how to budget for a bathroom remodel Virginia homeowners...

90 virginia bathroom modern design

With the right design, bathroom renovations can transform cramped and dated areas into clean, contemporary spaces. And with the help of modern designs and quality fixtures, your Virginia bathroom r...

206 virginia bathroom renovation

If a major bathroom renovation is outside your calculated budget, then it’s possible you could get by my making smaller adjustments that will still provide a significant impact on your privat...


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