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52 bathroom remodeling challanges

Major bathrooms renovations often require demolition, with walls, flooring and ceilings ripped out and replaced. You’ll likely uncover at least one of these hidden challenges during a Virginia ba...

56 bathroom remodeling budget tips

Budgeting is the very first step in your Virginia bathroom remodeling project, and helps to direct the décor theme and scope of the renovation. These budget tips offer simple advice that pertains ...

60 virginia bathroom optimum shower

Showers provide a cosy location to unwind or an efficient space to get ready for your day. Your Virginia bathroom remodeling project should include the ideal shower, tailored to your tastes, space ...

64 virginia bathroom closets

Adding a bathroom to your existing floor plan enhances convenience and increases property value, not to mention helping to keep the peace in a family home. But are new Virginia bathrooms out of rea...

68 bathroom renovation hight tech

Adding high tech features to your bathroom renovation in Virginia has become popular in the last few years. Televisions and stereo systems add an element of entertainment, while steam showers and s...

72 bathroom remodeling tight space

Homeowners often want to add bathrooms in tight spaces, altering the master bedroom closet or converting a corner of the foyer, laundry room or main hallway to include a powder room. But creating a...


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