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29 virginia bathrooms renovating questions

Virginia bathrooms come in a wide range of sizes, styles and layouts. If you’re planning to renovate the bathroom, be sure to go over these three important questions and achieve the size, style a...

32 virginia bathroom shower

Installing an accessible shower makes sense for many families, especially as we age and struggle with physical limitations. These tips help when your Virginia bathroom remodeling project involves a...

36 virginia bathroom remodeling timeline

Scheduling is one of the major concerns when planning a bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Depending on the scope of work, your project could take anywhere from one week to a few months. Factor in sp...

40 virginia bathroom remodeling mirrors

Small details make a big impression, and more so in well used areas of your home. Using the right mirrors can make or break a bathroom design, creating an open feeling and enhancing the light fixtu...

44 virginia bathroom remodeling sinks

Bathroom fixtures play a major role in the design and function of a bathroom. If you are planning to tackle bathroom remodeling in Virginia, take the time to browse the hottest fixtures to capture ...

48 virginia bathroom renovation remodeling

Planning for major home improvement projects takes time and effort. Following a road map makes the process smoother, more efficient and often less expensive. Understanding the difference between ba...


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