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294 virginia basement styling

Thinking the old house might need a little remodel? Upgrading your Virginia basement might just be the way to go. Your current basement might be a dark, dingy place, only used for storage and laund...

308 virginia basement stellar ceiling

The Virginia basement has come a long way since the old days of dirt floor cellars and cobwebs. Many homes are now getting spruced up and decked out with functional finished Virginia basement setup...

320 moldy virginia basement

When it comes to your Virginia basement, those moldy odors down there can come from a variety of sources. Really that smell often comes from the fact that it’s damp down there and that moisture g...

324 virginia basement rec room

Your basement has sat alone for years, like the little kid that no one wanted to play with.  Your northern Virginia basement wept, his tears of moisture causing some water damage and making him sm...

329 virginia kitchen basement

Your basement is like a cave: it’s moist, it’s dark, and no one besides the creatures of the night like to go down there.  Even though you may not consider your Virginia basement to be a pivot...

336 basement floor remodeling types

It’s time to cash in on the fruits of your labor. You took the time, checked every possible thing that could be checked and have found that your Northern Virginia basement is dry as a bone. You e...


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