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163 general contractors attic renovation

Many properties in suburbia have limited room for an addition. The yard is just big enough for a patio or porch and a little bit of grass to enjoy. But when your home becomes too cramped for a grow...

238 virginia home additions

So you have decided to go ahead with one or more home additions. In Virginia, there are plenty of architects and designers that can bring you closer to this goal. In anticipation of the work actual...

249 home additions energy effeciency

The recession settled in some time ago, and with it came all of the paranoia and doubt that comes with an economy that isn’t growing like a weed. Homeowners that were planning an gigantic square ...

255 home additions zoning

If you’re a seasoned home owner then you know how easy it is to outgrow your home and find that you’re quickly running out of space. It’s hard to admit that you’re accumulating too much stu...

286 modern virginia home additions

The advantage of modern American homes is their ability to be enlarged, upgraded and enhanced, especially with home additions in Virginia.  For hundreds of years, people have expanded their living...

299 virginia home additions prep

The time has come to quit talking and start doing. Now that you’ve had discussions with a designer as well as a contractor you’re all set for your home addition.  Virginia contractors work qui...


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