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49 virginia aditions architect

When you love your house despite the need for more space, home additions provide the ideal solution. But ensuring that Virginia additions blend seamlessly into the existing structures can be challe...

53 home additions budgeting mistakes

Planning a major home improvement project takes patience and wisdom. You also need to seek out expert advice early on in the process, especially if you want to avoid these common budgeting mistakes...

57 virginia additions functional garages

A single-family dwelling holds its value in the marketplace and provides a comfortable home for your family. But your property will be more functional and valuable with a garage, and well-designed ...

61 virginia home addition essentials

A home addition project involves weeks of upheaval, and preparation will help your family to cope. Make the most of Virginia home additions by ensuring your home is set up for demolition, surprise ...

65 virginia additions families

Today’s families follow a busy lifestyle, often traveling between school, work and other activities at breakneck speeds. Families need a comfortable and functional place to call home, and plenty ...

69 virginia additions kitchens

Homeowners considering Northern Virginia additions to expand or redesign their existing kitchens need to budget wisely. More involved than the average home addition, a kitchen renovation/addition r...


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