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26 virginia sustainable home additions

Wise homeowners plan out major home improvement projects, looking to enhance their home and increase property value without breaking the budget. But many consumers want to include healthy, environm...

30 virginia additions existing space

Creating a seamless living space requires careful planning and an expert eye. Virginia additions should complement your existing home, not stick out like a sore thumb. But details like paint, floor...

33 virginia additions cost

Building a home addition in Northern Virginia increased your living space, enhances property value and allows you to customize or alter the existing floor plan. But many homeowners wonder how much ...

37 northern virginia additions tips

A cramped family home, a shift in living arrangements or dreams of an altered space bring Northern Virginia additions to the table. But how do you know whether or not to build an addition? Would it...

41 virginia additions faqs

Homeowners have all sorts of questions when planning Virginia additions, from scheduling to costs, design to finishing and dealing with the local building department. These important questions must...

45 virginia additions landscaping

Building a home addition certainly alters your interior living space, expanding the space and often rearranging traffic inside your home. But have you thought about how Northern Virginia additions ...


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