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How to Get a Building Permit for an Addition to your Home

Are you going to redesign your house? Have you decided to add a home addition? Are you going for a renovation project? or an improvement project? Aside from researching styles and interior ideas, you must not forget to prepare for the building permit application, which is an official document to ensure compliance with building code […]

Garage Addition Ideas

What is a Garage Addition?  A garage addition is as straightforward as it sounds. It’s adding a facility that can house a car. But it doesn’t end there; like every other American household, your garage addition can serve as a storage space and an investment! An additional functional room will surely add up to your […]

House Addition Planning Guide

Adding space into your home is often done when you want to extend your living area or you want to increase your home’s value. But is it really the right thing to do? If you’re wondering whether a house addition project is the right home improvement step then better keep reading because we’ll tell you […]

Sunroom Additions Guide Designs, Ideas, and Tips

What is a sunroom? Sunroom additions are an excellent extension to any house, especially those with amazing views of nature and an open skyline. People typically build sunroom additions for comfort, but as this sleek feature increases in popularity, it is becoming more common in a variety of larger homes. Sunrooms allow homeowners to make […]