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Caring For Your Northern Virginia Deck

From decks in Virginia to decks in California, decks across the nation cry out with one united voice:  “Don’t forget maintenance!”  While having a deck installed may seem like a one time Virginia deck builder project, all decks require maintenance, making them more then just a one time consideration.

By taking time to do the following steps, you can ensure that your northern Virginia deck stays as beautiful as the day it was built.

1. Clean your deck. Cleaning your northern Virginia deck may seem like a no-brainer but cleaning in this circumstance doesn’t mean just using a broom and sweeping off debris. Before you can do any other maintenance on the deck, you have to make sure all the dirt and build-up has been removed.  A power washer or a hose with a heavy pressure water flow is recommended to get off the base coat of dirt.  However, if you want to make sure your northern Virginia deck is truly clean; you’ll also need to use chemicals to clean it.  You can use a bleach based chemical solution to clean the mold but using this chemical may leave your wood washed out.  Typically, a restoration product should be used in conjunction with the chemical cleaner.

2. Stain your deck. Once your deck is clean and clear, you may want to skip ahead to sealing your deck.  However, while a seal is something you’ll want for your deck to keep it in good condition, a seal doesn’t prevent the wood from losing color since the suns rays still penetrate through the wood.  Staining your northern Virginia deck will provide that needed protection from the suns rays, as well as giving you the opportunity to pick a stain that accents the rest of your home.  If you’ve got a fondness for dark colors, you’re in luck:  the darker the stain, the more UV protection the stain provides so your northern Virginia deck will be safe from the suns harmful rays for much longer than a lighter deck.

3. Seal your deck.  Sealing your deck doesn’t mean covering it up in plastic like you would with your couch or other furniture.  When you seal your northern Virginia deck, you are putting down a coat that will protect your hardwood deck from moisture.  Moisture can warp wood so using a seal is highly recommended to keep your deck in its original shape.

Remember, although you may clean your deck, stain it, and seal it, this doesn’t protect the deck for the rest of your life.  Due to the many strengths and trials of Mother Nature, even the sealing coat and stain can get worn down and need a touch up.  Power washing your deck should be done every year to two years, along with the staining and sealing process to keep your northern Virginia deck looking like new.

While owning a northern Virginia deck can be one of the nicest parts of your home, just like any other part of your home, your deck will need some care and maintenance.  Unlike other parts of your home, deck maintenance only needs to be done once a year or once every other year, giving you plenty of time to enjoy time out on your northern Virginia deck.

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