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Building Beyond Basic: Add Flair to your Deck or Patio

It’s a common problem:  you love the outdoors but your significant other doesn’t.  You don’t mind if a bug or two nibbles on you as long as you can get out there and enjoy that fresh air but your significant other wants nothing to do with nature’s critters.  Instead of hanging up your outdoor dreams, you might want to check out the custom decks in Virginia, specifically the screened patio.

Although a screened patio is technically not a Virginia deck, it does function as an outdoor area where people can congregate.  A patio, unlike a Virginia deck, is made up of paver stones, typically ranging from brick to concrete or asphalt stones.  If you decide to do a screened in patio and you don’t already have an existing patio, there are dozens of paver stone styles, shapes and colors to choose from.

Most patios are like Virginia decks: open air.  This means they are not screened in.  Just because most Virginia decks and patios are build likes this doesn’t mean you can’t break the mold.  In fact, there are two great ways to break the mold:  by using windows or by using screens to let light and air into your patio area.

If you don’t want to spend the money initially to build a custom deck in Virginia with walls or a sunroom with walls and windows, the best economic option is to screen in your Virginia deck or patio.  One thing to consider is whether this new screened in patio is a place you’re going to use year round.  If so, you may want to look into installing windows with screens so you can properly heat the area during the winter months.

Once you make a decision on how often you plan to use this screened in Virginia deck or patio, you’ll need to look at is whether your deck or patio happens to already have a roof over it.  Some patios serve a double function of a carport as well as a congregation area so if you’re willing to give up the covered area where you park your car; you’ve already got a great start for your patio.  However, if you don’t have a roof over your patio, you’ll have to get one before your screens or windows can be added.  Decks unfortunately rarely have a roof over them since they aren’t used for multiple purposes.  The best thing to do when deciding on a roof is to look at your existing roof on your home and match it so you have consistency as well as stability.

Once the roof is installed over your old Virginia deck or patio, you’ve got the basis for your screened patio.  If you’re still stuck on what type of materials to use for light (windows versus screens) the best thing to do is to contact deck builders in Virginia.  They will be able to look at every angle and decide what would be a better addition to your home.  By adding a screens or windows to your patio or Virginia deck, you can have your outdoor peace of mind while your significant other will stay bug free.

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