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Bring Your Virginia Patio Inside With Long Span Doors

This style of patio door is exactly what the name makes it sound like. They’re a wide exterior door that comes in both sliding and accordion format. Likewise, they can be customized in a variety of finishes. Regardless of the style they all perform the same function – bringing your Virginia patio inline seamlessly with the interior of your home.

You can transform any room of your home into an extension of your Virginia patio with ease.

Consider the convenience of an entire wall within your home, perhaps your family room, being able to open up directly onto your patio. With Long Span doors, they can disappear revealing a wide open space right to the outdoors of your home. You could, in effect, be sitting within your living room while enjoying the outside weather.

Can you imagine how easy it would be to enjoy the outdoors in Virginia? Your patio could act as an extension of any room that you set to join it. A bedroom, the kitchen, the office. Where ever they fit your interior and exterior design.

These multi-paneled doors cover 8’ to 24’ foot spans and can retract completely to help anyone living in a comfortable climate be inside while staying outside.

How Well Do They Stand Against The Weather?

Very well actually. Long span Virginia patio doors are very versatile but of course it all depends on the quality of the doors, the installer and the fierce nature of the climate. They probably wouldn’t work well for someone in Alaska but for most homeowners these would be a perfect fit to allow access to their Virginia patio. Because there are a variety of doors, it’s important to get one that is rated for the climate you live in. A door built to keep the heat out of a home in Arizona might night work as well for a Virginia patio and the rainy season.


Getting long span Virginia patio doors put in is not a DIY project. Slight variations and incorrect measurements will not only cause the doors to function poorly but you’ll be letting in the worst of the elements – never something you want to do.

Most manufacturers of long span doors state that a competent contractor should be utilized when linking the inside of your home to a Virginia patio. The opening should be completely engineered by a professional to ensure that you don’t have any problems with your rooms. Due to the size and scale of the project, it’s important that the home be inspected to insure that creating such an opening (most are at least 8’ wide) won’t affect the structural integrity of the home.

Virginia patios can be made even more rewarding with access through long span patio doors. No other design and remodel offers the same mesh of indoor and outdoor for your home.

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