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Beyond Building: Decorating your Northern Virginia Deck

You’ve finally decided to take a look at the custom decks in Virginia and you realize that you’re tired of looking:  you want to hire a deck construction group in Virginia to build you a deck.

While it’s taken you awhile to come to this decision, this is the first of many decisions you’ll make regarding your northern Virginia deck.

Below are a few things you’ll want to think about once your Virginia deck has been installed.

•       Accenting stain colors.  While adding a stain to your Virginia deck is something you’ll be doing just to protect the wood, staining your deck can go beyond just simple function.  There are many stain colors to choose from ranging from a light clear coat to a dark cherry wood color.  Before choosing a stain color, you’ll want to take the time to examine the outside of the house and see what stain colors accent it.  One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that the darker the stain color is, the safer the wood will be for your northern Virginia deck.

•       Lighting.  While natural sunlight can be a great way to brighten up your Virginia deck, the weather can’t always be counted on.  A season of overcast days can quickly take the joy out of owning a northern Virginia deck.  Not only can bad weather take the joy out of your deck but if you want to sit out at night, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to see any stars.  Instead of letting nature control your Virginia deck, there are a variety of lighting options available.  From using candle light, Christmas lights around deck railing, mounted deck lights, or even going as far as installing regular lights like the kinds in your house, choosing the right lighting for your needs is another essential decision you’ll eventually be making.

•       Plant life.  Even though your northern Virginia deck is located outside and in a scenic area of your yard, the actual deck itself may be lacking personality.  By choosing to add plant life on your Virginia deck, you can make your deck a controlled paradise.  There are many types of plant to choose from, ranging from potted plants, vine plants, or even hanger plants that can hang off the side of your house over your deck or off any poles you install on your deck.  Other considerations with plant life include figuring out what season the plants you want will bloom, how much maintenance and care the plants will need, or even whether you’d rather use artificial plants instead of real ones.

Besides these choices, there are many other choices you can consider for your new Virginia deck once it has been installed.  You could decide to turn your deck into a sunroom by adding walls, windows or screens.  You can decide to turn your deck into an extension of your home.  Although you may have thought that adding a deck to your home was just a way for you to find a place to barbeque, the possibilities that come with custom decks in northern Virginia are endless.

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