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Bathroom Renovation in Virginia – Focusing on Water Efficiency

When you own a home there are a lot of expenses to deal with in terms of utilities. When you start planning for your bathroom renovation with a Virginia contractor you should be thinking about ways to trim the cost of the remodel as well as make your new bathroom work for you in terms of energy efficiency. Water efficiency is one of the best ways to improve your bathroom in order to make the remodel pay for itself over time.

Many homeowners choose the toilet they use based on style, comfort, size and other material considerations. One thing to think about is the amount of water that is used by the toilet. Even if your particular area doesn’t require limits to be set on the amount of water that can be used by a toilet, it’s still a good idea to find the most efficient toilet possible for your bathroom renovation.

High efficiency toilets are sought after by green renovators, especially those that can tackle a flush using only about 1.1 gallons of water. Granted if you’re getting a toilet of this nature it’s best to discuss it with the right contractor or expert. The downside is if they’re not installed properly they may not flush completely, and some of them can be extremely noisy because of the force they create when the toilet is flushed. Low flow is a noble move, but make sure you purchase the right style low-flow toilet.

The faucet is another way to improve water efficiency in during your bathroom renovation in Virginia. Most of the newer designs are already designed to be water efficient, and some of the more expensive models can be purchased with flow meters in place to help with excess water use. The more efficient models use half as much water while still appearing to use the same amount you’ve always relied on for your daily bathroom duties.

The hands-free faucet is likely the best choice for a bathroom, as they only come on when they detect the motion of the hands underneath the faucet. If you pull your hands away then they shut off. For those that can afford the technology in their bathroom renovation, this is the best option for shaving dollars off your water bill.

Lastly, there are shower heads designed to help conserve water by creating back pressure. Less water is used while the same pressure is kept. Like the efficient faucets for sinks, the shower heads used by many in bathroom renovation in renovation are designed to give the illusion of using the same amount water while saving you money every day

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