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Add Comfortable Living Space With a Virginia Deck

Do you long for more room in your Virginia home, but lack the budget for a home addition or major remodel? There is an easy way to create comfortable and affordable living space that the whole family will use and enjoy. Start planning for a Virginia deck and look forward to extra room for relaxing, playing and even preparing meals. You’ll be amazed at how much living happens on the deck.

How Does a Virginia Deck Add More Space?

Deck space is just as valuable as any other floor space in your home. The only thing it cannot offer is protection from the rain, although with a covered roof and screens, your new deck can be transformed into a room for use in any weather.

On the other hand, there are benefits to a roofless design including creating the perfect place to sun tan, watch the clouds race across a blue sky or star gaze with your sweetie.

To create more versatile outdoor living you can include many elements of a home’s interior on the deck. How about a built in patio kitchen or an outdoor fireplace? These features can be designed into your deck and present a layout very similar to your indoor living space. As long you include patio furniture that will withstand the weather and purchase top quality outdoor products, you can count on durable and highly functional living space.

Essential Elements of an Outdoor Kitchen

With an investment in some quality built in BBQ equipment and a little plumbing you can create an area to prepare dinner in the fresh air. Remove the heat and odors from the kitchen and enjoy culinary adventures on the deck. All of the major grill manufacturers carry a line of built in models that include a modern stainless steel finish, side burners and a rotisserie attachment.

With that equipment as your foundation, you can also design and install a stone counter top (granite, ceramic tiles and poured concrete work well), some cabinetry (look for lines that are specially made for outdoor use) and even a small bar fridge and sink.

Think about how convenient it will be to serve dinner on your Virginia deck, just moments after it has been made in your outdoor kitchen. Patio parties will never be same and you won’t ever lament about the lack of space in your home again.

To Create the Most Space on Your Deck

It’s important to find out whether your municipality has any restrictions on the possible location of your deck. Some areas will require a certain amount of space between your property line and the deck, others will not.

Once you have that information you will have an idea of how large your deck can be. Here’s a hint – always build it a little bigger than you think you will need. Too much deck space is rarely a problem, while cramped decks will likely spell regret.

Stick with simple shapes to create the largest areas. Angled corners and rounded edges add style and beauty, but consider those only once you’ve designed for the square footage that you need. Try designing different levels with wide stairs to separate them. This can give your Virginia deck a roomy feeling and those stairs also offer the perfect amount of impromptu seating.

Keep the area open whenever possible. Don’t leave off railing when safety is a concern, but leave the deck edges open or finish with low flower boxes and backless benches where you can. If a railing is necessary, think about clear tempered glass railing for a durable product that will lend an open feeling.

When space inside is an issue homeowners can easily add an affordable Virginia deck to their home, creating the ultimate outdoor living space.

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