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7 Things to Keep In Mind When Designing and Building a Virginia Deck.

When investing in a Virginia deck or screened porch, there are several factors to keep in mind before you hire that Virginia deck builder:

1) Skimping on size is the biggest mistake people make when they design a deck. Think of the deck as an extension of your home.
2) Plan sufficiently for evening cookouts, or parties with friends and relatives. Be sure there’s enough room for adults and kids to separate for their own, often socially incompatible, pursuits.
3) Map out the layout of all your deck furniture; make sure there is ample room to get by tables, benches, grills, hot tub ect.
4) If you entertain a lot, design your deck with nooks and corners to encourage small groups of people to congregate or to provide romantic spots for couples.
5) Add a wide railing top around the deck to ensure people have a place to set their drinks or plates of food.
6) If your limited to space and need to make the most of a small deck, make sure to add railings around even if you aren’t required to for height considerations. People tend to not use the outside two feet of deck if there is no railing.
7) Try your best to place your grill near the door that leads to the kitchen. And just as you would do indoors; put the dining table close to the kitchen.

If you do your homework and seek the right Virginia home remodeling company, they should assist you with sorting out deck designs and accommodating your needs.   Click here for a great Virginia deck designer!

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